What is finalbeats?

Finalbeats is a platform that offers optimized, high quality, and above all, "handmade" unique music licenses for any project in the field of music, film, media, podcasts, and many more. You have full and unlimited access to the entire music catalog of the website. The songs and sounds are updated regularly. Find and select your composed sound or song for your music project quickly and easily. All sounds and songs are individually composed for you! Everyone has creative talent. Sometimes it just needs the right sound base. Get started now! Finalize your song on

Who is finalbeats for?

The finalbeats website is for anyone working on current video and film production or music production. The handmade productions are given to you exclusively, so no one else can use the same song or sound. Only you get that unique song or sound.

When was finalbeats founded?

We founded finalbeats as a family business in early 2020 intending to change the way musicians, producers, and artists find, use, and finalize their music projects.


How long is my finalbeats-license valid?

Every sound or song that you have actively purchased and downloaded can be used in your music projects for an unlimited time.

Can I listen to trial versions of the songs and sounds before I make a purchase?

Yes, you can listen to all of the songs and sounds directly in the catalog in your internet browser and decide if you want to make a purchase. However, particular songs or sounds are still watermarked until you make a purchase.

If I purchase as a company, does my license also apply to my employees and collaborators?

If a company makes a purchase from finalbeats, all employees and collaborators are allowed to access the music and use it in any of the company's projects. If an individual employee or collaborator is working on a private project that has nothing to do with the company's project or the company itself, they must have their license.

Is the catalog regularly updated?

The finalbeats catalog is super up to date, very dynamic, and is continuously growing. We regularly add new music.

Are individual songs and sound compositions possible?

Yes, of course! If you haven't found the right song or sound in our catalog, feel free to contact us, and we will produce and compose an individual song or sound precisely according to your ideas. Just write us a note:

Can I edit, mix, or re-master the songs and sounds?

Yes, of course, you can! You can edit a song so that it fits your particular project.

Do I have to specify finalbeats or the musicians?

That depends entirely on you. We always appreciate it when the artist and musician are acknowledged for his great work, but naming them for the use of the song or sound is not mandatory.

What are Pro versions of the songs and sounds?

When you purchase a Pro version, if available, you get up to four stems that make up the song or sound, so you can do better post-mixing and mastering to get the best possible result from your production.

What does my finalbeats-license contain?

Finalbeats's license contains, exclusively, as well as unlimited in time, place and content and transferable, the right to use and exploit the sounds and songs in any manner whatsoever. The rights include, in particular, the right to reproduce, distribute or rent out the sounds or songs on sound and video carriers of all kinds, to broadcast the sounds and songs on radio, TV, cinema, Internet or in other media of all kinds, to make them publicly accessible or to publicly perform them in any other way, to adapt the sounds and songs in compliance with the author’s moral rights, to otherwise alter them or to combine them with other video- and/or sound recordings (e.g., to make them accessible to the public or to reproduce them in any other way) (e.g. synchronisation with films, games or commercials) and/or to transfer the above rights to third parties and/or to sublicense them to them. The copyrights to the compositions and lyric poems on which the sounds and songs are based are not transferred but remain with us or with the composer and/or lyricist.


How much does an finalbeats-license cost?

An exclusive finalbeats-license costs $379 per song or sound. You get the exclusive right to use this song or sound in your project. No other artist or user can use this song or sound, only you! Also, we offer a pro version for most songs or sounds. This contains up to four individual stems, so you can control and edit these stems separately, e.g., in mixing—the pro version exclusive finalbeats-license costs $529.

How do I pay?

You will pay with PayPal Plus including PayPal, Direct Debit, Credit Card and Pay Upon Invoice.

How and when can I delete my user account?

Of course, we are very sorry if someone wants to leave finalbeats, but of course, it is possible. To do so, please contact our support team directly at This can be done at any time, just keep in mind that all your purchased songs and sounds that are stored within your user account will be deleted after each purchase.

Songs & Sounds

Who creates the songs and sounds?

Finalbeats presents a very high-class and qualitative music license catalog. All songs and sounds have been individual, "handmade" produced and composed. We work together with the music producer, pianist, and composer Alexander Pielsticker and offer songs and sounds from such different genres, moods, and emotions for you and your music project quickly and easily. Despite this incredible variety, all songs and sounds in our catalog are recorded, mixed, and mastered to achieve the highest possible audio quality for your project.

How are the songs and sounds categorized?

Music is emotion. Everyone feels an emotion when listening to a song or sound. Since we are musicians and artists ourselves, we have categorized the music according to the central emotional character that is felt when listening to each song or sound.

Is the catalog being updated?

We are continually updating and adding to our song and sound catalog.

Is there a pro version of every song or sound?

For most songs and sounds, we offer a pro version. This is not always the case, as it depends strongly on the individual production process and the product itself.

Which files do I receive with my song or sound download?

16-bit 44.1kHz .wav HQ audio file

How long are the songs and sounds?

Our catalog has songs and sounds with a duration of less than 1 minute up to 5 minutes.

Do I get exclusive rights to the songs and sounds I buy and download?

Yes. All the songs and sounds in our catalog are available to all our users. But when you purchase one song or sound, only you get the right to use it for your project.

Is the finalbeats-license valid worldwide?

Indeed, you can use the songs and sounds anywhere.